Where are they now – Julian Ginn

Academically, I took a Maths and Science route in VCE but I also did Outdoor Education, which gave some good balance to my course.

Following graduation, I started at La Trobe university studying Arts/Health Science and thinking I would like to work in public health. After six months, I started reconsidering my options and used the subjects as credit for another course. I ventured over to the UK and Europe during the summer break and after seeing an advertisement for radiographers on the back of a double decker bus in London, I decided I’d give that a go. I changed courses and finished a degree in Medical Imaging at RMIT and returned to Geelong for my intern year and staying for five years.

Having always wanted to travel, I packed up and spent six months travelling through South America before arriving in London where I worked as a locum for a couple of years. After returning to a job at Geelong Hospital, I lasted six months and took a job with Siemens Healthcare as an MRI Applications Specialist, which involves showing other radiographers how to use Siemens MRI scanners. This job involves plenty of travel across Australia and New Zealand. It’s also taken me to China a few times, and plenty of visits to Germany for training. It’s been a great way to see parts of the country I wouldn’t otherwise get to see and meet people along the way.

In terms of preparing me for a career journey, with Christian College offering a range of subjects for varied interests helped me maintain motivation, and a caring ethos offered by the teaching staff and delivered on a relatable level, I felt well supported. But also, I think it’s always important to consider that you don’t need to know what your path will look like when you leave school. I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up and look forward to what avenues will continue to present along the way.