Congratulations to the Class of 2021

From the Principal

The Christian College Geelong community celebrates the successful completion of the school journey for the graduating class of 2021.

Developing the resilience and grit to overcome two years of the pandemic is a hallmark of these wonderful young people.
I am confident that we will see our graduates flourish as they find their pathways to fulfill their passions and dreams in the future. It is always exciting and rewarding to hear the aspirations of our graduates, together with their strong desire to make a positive difference in the world. We wish them every success as they make their way forward.

Whilst Christian College holds a broad view of the definition of success for our students, to include much more than just academic results or scores, we do acknowledge the outstanding high achievements of the following Year 12 students: the 2021 College Dux, Bridget Benney with a score of 98.55, India Lewis (98.5), Michelle Zhao (97.05), Zarli Schram (96.85) – who also had a perfect study score of 50 in Food Studies and Lucy Martin (96) – who also had a perfect study score of 50 in Music Investigation.

As our College maintains a clear focus on delivering ‘The Learning That Matters’, it is pleasing to note the continuous improvement in seeing our students finding the pathways to their passions and purpose.

Mr Glen McKeeman

Top ATARs for 2021 

In 2021, 171 Christian College students successfully completed their VCE or VCAL certificate (100% of the cohort).
The average ATAR was 69.9, with 24 students receiving an ATAR of 90+ (16.7% of the cohort).

Dux of Christian College 2021 – Bridget Benney 98.55 

Bridgette Benney

ATAR 98.55

Bridgette spent Years 5 to 12 at Christian College. She particularly loved being part of the Music Department.
She says the friends and memories made throughout her time at the College, as well as the honour of playing with such talented staff and students, created an atmosphere that she will never forget. 

Her Unit 3 and 4 areas of study were Music Performance (2020), and English, Biology, Chemistry, Maths Methods and Specialist Maths (2021). She chose subjects she knew she’d be excited to learn about – that way she would enjoy herself while working hard. She found 2021 a tough year, but a worthwhile experience, and she was grateful to be
at a resourceful school throughout the pandemic.

She says Christian College provides a highly supportive environment.

“The community at CCG is unique in that so many people are passionate about helping each other achieve their best. Regardless of what area it’s in: academic, sport, music, arts, even just personal development – the community is cheering you on when you kick goals, and supporting you to set/reach for the next one.”

In 2022, Bridgette wants to study Engineering/Science at university.

India Lewis

ATAR 98.5

India began in Year 7 at Christian College, in 2016. The music program has figured prominently in her time at CCG. She says the sense of community that comes from playing music with others is invaluable, and she has loved playing in the wind symphony, being part of the 2021 senior production, House Music, and many other musical opportunities. Learning Indonesian has been another highlight, including two trips to Indonesia (short and long-term exchange).

India’s Unit 3 and 4 areas of study were Literature, Maths Methods, Global Politics, Legal Studies, Indonesian, and Music Performance. She says 2021 was filled with uncertainty and disappointments, but lockdowns made her more appreciative of the value of in-person interaction with friends and teachers. It was tough to do Year 12 in this environment but she’s proud of herself and her friends for getting through this year.

India says Christian College has profoundly impacted her.

“My years at CCG have allowed me to discover my passions, meet some lifelong friends, and feel a sense of belonging to a community I am proud to be a part of. My confidence has grown significantly through this and I feel more aware of the world in which I live.”

In 2022, India wants to do an Arts degree at the University of Melbourne with a view to then undertaking a postgraduate law degree.

Michelle Zhao

ATAR 97.05 

Zarli Schram

ATAR 96.85

Lucy Martin


Sienna Nelis

ATAR 95.9 

Noah Saffin

ATAR 95.7

Campbell Rusden

ATAR 95.7

Zachariah Wray

ATAR 94.55 

Eliot Cudmore

ATAR 94.55

Profiles of more of our top students in 2021

Michelle Zhao

Michelle has been at Christian College since Prep.
The Languages program has been an area of passion
and highlight of her school journey. She especially
enjoyed, and benefited from, the short-term exchange
visit to Indonesia in Year 10, travelling to Mataram and Yogyakarta for two weeks. Having learned piano and violin at a young age, she says she also has wonderful memories
of the Music Department where the culture is inspiring
and encouraging, with everyone sharing a love of music.

In VCE, Michelle undertook Music Performance, Indonesian Second Language, English, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, and Chemistry. She says 2021 was fast-paced, lengthy and challenging. She learned a lot about being adaptable in a year where figuring out how to adjust to unexpected changes quickly, was a crucial aspect.

Michelle says Christian College has shaped her as a person.

“I’ve grown up in an environment where teachers treat students with kindness and respect, and the importance
of grace and humility are emphasised. I’ve also been encouraged to follow the areas of school which I love, and have been given freedoms to explore diverse avenues of academic life and extracurriculars. CCG has helped me become more confident, whilst nurturing essential values of independence and self-awareness.”

In 2022, she wants to undertake an undergraduate degree
in biomedicine and science.

Zarli Schram

Zarli completed her senior schooling at Christian College, coming to Senior School in Year 10. In that time, she was heavily involved in House activities, including being House Prefect in her final year. She says it was a very rewarding job and working alongside the Heads of House as well as her fellow prefects – Sienna, Poppy and Dylan – made the Year 12 experience “10 times better” and she is forever grateful for having had the opportunity to be part of that group.

With a view to a future in health and medicine, Zarli’s Unit 3 and 4 studies were Further Maths, Biology, English, Health and Human Development, Phys Ed and Food Studies. She says the Year 12 experience in a pandemic was not easy but it made everyone stronger and work much harder to get through.

Zarli says her time at Christian College has played a huge part in her development.

“CCG played a large role in my life, shaping me to the person I am today. At this school I felt encouraged to be the best version of myself and I believe that is shown in my achievements throughout the year, both academic and personal. CCG is the most amazing school and I will forever be grateful for all that it has given me and the memories and lifelong connections I have made here.”

In 2022, Zarli wants to complete a Bachelor of Nursing at Deakin University. Ultimately she wants to pursue a career in paediatric nursing.

Campbell Rusden

Campbell attended Christian College from Year 2 to Year 12. He says that while his involvement in creative expression occurs outside of school, including playing in two bands, he appreciates the culture the College perpetuates and the friendships he’s made with genuine and dependable people who bring him joy and belonging – a product of the respectful and cordial environment.

Campbell’s Unit 3 and 4 areas of study were Economics, Global Politics, Maths Methods, English, Literature and Media. He loves developing the ability to articulate ideas and derive meaning from art, especially through English and Literature. He also enjoys analysing what motivates the actions of significant parties in politics and economics, and how their choices subsequently impact business and individuals. He says he wasn’t impacted negatively by the pandemic given his ability to work effectively from home.

In 2022, Campbell is off to experience what’s out there.

“I am taking off and using 2022 to explore Australia as it’s crazy that you can live a country your whole life and only have seen one-quarter of it, not even. Beyond that I will pursue Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) at either ANU or Monash.”

Zachariah Wray 

Zach has attended Christian College from Year 2 through
to Year 12. He has been heavily involved in the Music program which has been such an amazing experience, not just from a practical growth sense, but from all the fond memories associated with it. He says he’s been blessed to
be given many opportunities throughout his time at CCG in leadership, service, sport and academics and is grateful for the skills he’s developed.

His Units 3 and 4 areas of study were English, Maths Methods, Further Maths, Music Performance, Music Investigation and Phys Ed. He says 2021 brought the unexpected. After 2020, he understood interruptions
could impact the Year 12s but many new challenges
caught him by surprise.

Zach says he has loved his time at Christian College.

“I have found this school so valuable in developing me
as a person. I love the culture that we are a part of, and
I have been given so much opportunity to develop in
any direction I choose. I’ve been pushed not to settle,
but continually grow, and that is a key life skill that I don’t want to forget. I’m grateful for the ways that the school
has invested in me, not only as a student, but as a person,
to go out into the world with skills, knowledge and character that will equip me for the life ahead.”

In 2022, Zach will be attending Planetshakers Bible
College and studying a Diploma of Leadership.