To the power of problem solving

Students of our Mathematics programs aim to understand how maths is used in the world around them and use this knowledge to pose and solve problems both independently and collaboratively.
Each year students at all levels have the opportunity to participate in various external challenging Mathematics programs.
The University of Melbourne runs a yearly competition for years 7-12 and the Australian Maths Trust offers enrichment opportunities as well as competitions for years 3-12.
The Maths Talent Quests encourages students to pose a problem or ask a question, then use their mathematical knowledge to present a solution.
Select Year 10 students work as a team to demonstrate their mathematical prowess as they pit their skills against students from different schools.
Each term, Middle School level students work together on a shared topic. These areas of focus allow students to master their skills and grow in their mathematical understanding while using a realistic context. In Year 9 these focus areas peak each term with a hands-on project where students combine academics with real-world applications that link directly to their future.
At Senior School students focus their sights on specific pathways and choose the Mathematics that will best support their future life skills.