Technology, a study of humanity

In Digital Technologies we equip students with ways of thinking; systems and design thinking, as well as computational thinking. This approach prepares them to be active participants in whatever the future holds.

So as we teach students how to code, we challenge them to create something purposeful. And as they explore how to collect, analyse and work with data, we also use digital technologies in all their forms; safely, securely, innovatively, sustainably and responsibly.

  • An engaging and holistic core program, across Prep to Year 8, creates opportunities to progress. In Year 8, interested students can further develop their coding and computational skills working with several different coding platforms for a range of meaningful purposes.

    In our Year 9 elective, students enjoy a project-based approach as they design and develop a game using the Godot Game Engine. As they do so, they develop many transferable skills that can be applied to a range of technological contexts.

    In Year 10 and VCE, students of Digital Technologies further develop their knowledge and skills through project-based learning involving software development and data analytics. Woven throughout these senior subjects is a consistent focus on cybersecurity.