Support where it’s needed most

We believe every student has the potential to achieve success regardless of ability. To support and nurture students with disability and additional needs, the College’s Learning Support Services (LSS) draws parents, caregivers, teachers, members of the wider Christian College community and external medical and allied health providers into a consultative partnership of discovery, growth, and celebration. 

The LSS faculty guides the learning and wellbeing of:

·       Students with a learning difficulty or disability as defined by the Disability Discrimination Act, 1992 (DDA, 1992);

·       Gifted and Highly Able students;

·       Students with English as an Additional Language;

·       Students with Refugee status;  

·       Students in Statutory Out of Home Care;

·       Koorie students (as required by Marrung — Victorian Aboriginal Education Plan 2016 – 2026)

The range of services provided by LSS include but is not limited to the following examples:

·       Contributing to understanding around learning and behavioural challenges of students via the approved application of school-based screening assessments;

·       The provision of student-based information to teaching staff to assist them to meet the diverse needs of students within their classes;

·       Supporting families to seek professional assessments and allied health support services;

·       Supporting students, teachers and families to access suitable Enrichment and Extension opportunities;

·       The provision of additional learning support through Educational Support Officers working within learning environments and alongside learners and teachers;

·       The provision of literacy and numeracy intervention programs, and school-based enrichment and extension learning opportunities;

·       The design, monitor and reporting of individual education programs;

·       To assist in the growth of understanding and respect around cultural diversity;

·       The provision of sensory resources and sensory spaces.