Spelling out our human rights

Commencing in Years 5 and 6 the College takes a more integrated approach to learning within English, Humanities and Christian Education lesson times.

We introduce a shared topic and use the chosen texts to teach the core skills of the curriculum, as well explore relevant competencies.

Belonging is one of these shared topics. In this study, students read the novel, Detention, by Tristan Bancks, as well as a number of connected Picture Books to broaden their comprehension and engagement with the topic.
Students learn about refugees and the rights and responsibilities we have as citizens through the Declaration of Human Rights. This learning is all captured through the creation of an infographic, in which students decide on the human rights they believe to be important.

At Year 7, the study of English moves further towards a holistic approach to developing the core skills of reading, comprehension, analysis, writing for purpose and specific audiences.
The text study is central to the learning, with students engaging with thinking routines to help frame their opinions about character and themes, connecting these to the author’s possible intention for the reader.
Students work through more challenging concepts and learn to offer their own interpretation through a multitude of written responses, one of these being the analytical response essay.
The learning through the Middle Years is developmental, ensuring our students have been grounded in the key skills required to move onto the rigour of Senior English.
The Senior English programme has three levels at Year 10 and then three specific English studies for VCE.
By Year 10 most students will know where their strengths are within English, with some wanting to engage more critically with the texts and some wanting to build upon the essential Literacy skills required to succeed in life after school.
To meet these learning needs, we offer Extension English, General English and Foundation English. These three different courses provide the learner with options for the pathway they are pursuing in the senior years of schooling.
General English at 10 and VCE is an English course to suit most learners, with the study of texts and writing, as well as presenting, for a specific purpose and audience.

We also offer English Language and English Literature for those students who can meet the demands of a more critical approach to English.
Language is centred around a linguistic approach to English, suited to students who can analyse language in a systematic and objective way.
The study of Literature requires students to read widely and deeply, analysing how language and literary techniques function within a text.

We further broaden our English offering with two electives, Writer’s Workshop and Editorial. These two subjects allow students to develop their creative lense, through more open-ended tasks and projects. A particular highlight of Editorial is the opportunity to contribute to a College Blog and have work published for an actual audience.
As well as these electives, we offer debating competitions, public speaking competitions and writing competitions. Many of our students enjoy sharing their learning with an authentic audience and take the opportunity to showcase their skills.