Exploring Science through the years

Science provides an exploration of the biological, physical and technical worlds we live in. Learning science matters as concepts discovered through science underpin so much of our modern society. This includes; appreciation of the environment, maintenance of good health, choice of energy sources, development of new materials and technologies, improvements in sports performance, and so much more.

Science is a core subject of the Australian Curriculum from Prep to Year 10. Learning about Science begins in our junior schools when students begin investigating the world around them through observation. Our core specialist science programs from Year 5 to 9 expose students to an understanding of the natural world, materials, fundamental forces and the Earth and space. Students learn that science is a human endeavour with a long history of research and discovery and continually revisit science inquiry skills to gain an understanding of the nature of scientific inquiry. This aims to develop skills in thinking, investigating, handling data and drawing conclusions.

Year 6 Botanic Gardens Excursion

At Year 10, students continue to study science as a compulsory subject but are provided with a choice of semester long subjects around particular interest areas such as Genetics, Biochemistry, Psychology, Metals and Ecology.

At VCE level, students can choose from Chemistry, Biology, Physics and/or Psychology as separate subjects. It is common for students to select select two VCE Science subjects, and sometimes, three.

Getting involved in science beyond the classroom

There are many opportunities for CCG students from all levels to get involved in science beyond the classroom. In the middle years, students have opted to participate in the Big Science Competition and the Science Talent Search. In Year 10, students can take part in the ‘Deakin Science and Engineering Challenge’ or attend the ‘Royal Women’s Hospital Meet a Scientist’ event. In Year 11, Chemistry students can enter a team in the ‘National Titration Stakes’ whilst passionate science students are encouraged to apply to attend the National Science Youth Forum (NYSF) which is held over the January school holidays.

In the words of a recent graduate who studied VCE Biology and Chemistry:

“I have always loved studying science as the things we learn are so interesting and help us grasp a good understanding of the world around us. We learn about relevant topics such as how to fight infection in Biology, and how fuel choices affect the planet in Chemistry. Science opens our minds to the rest of the world and allows us to explore so many interesting concepts, and that is why I love it!”

Another recent graduate who studied VCE Chemistry and VCE Psychology recognises the interconnectedness of the different science options:

“Chemistry and Psychology are generally very different fields, but it’s interesting how the same scientific principles underpin both of the disciplines.”