Pathways to the future

Through a program of regular catch-ups with career counselors, students are encouraged to consider their life beyond school.

To help students further explore their futures, psychometric testing aligns inherent abilities, personality types and learning styles with subject selections and careers.

The College offers a number of pathways for our students throughout their final years:
We have an excellent and well developed VCE pathway, aiming to make the most of each student’s effort, interest and ability.
We extend this to offer to VET (Vocational Education and Training). Students study a vocational training program as part of their VCE. They access full Tertiary admission as well as industry relevant skills and experiences.
VCAL is an alternate course of study to the VCE. It opens students up to vocational or TAFE pathways. VCAL students are still very much a part of the Christian College community, but their academic program is structured, timetables and delivered specific to the interests, learning needs and abilities of each student.