Outdoor and Environmental Studies

Outdoor and Environmental studies allow students to go beyond the classroom and connect with places that are real, inspiring and thought-provoking. Students take ownership over their learning, are exposed to new parts of the world, and develop opinions and ideas about the content learnt back in the classroom.

New cultural understanding

The educational journey opens our eyes to a new cultural understanding of our country. The geological formations we discover tell stories of creation and encourages questions that do not always need answers. Evidence of the past guides our investigation of Australia’s history, helping us understand how to manage it sustainably. The extended night programs provide opportunities for relationships to develop between people and places based on understanding and mutual respect. These experiential learning opportunities provide the platform to connect curriculum and real-world issues. Learning about the places we visit can foster love, care and mutual respect for the environment and each other that highlights the learning that matters. 

Lifelong skills

Outdoor and Environmental studies provide students with lifelong skills that develop into healthy outlets. Surfing, skiing, hiking, camping, canoeing and mountain bike riding are some of the practical skills carefully scaffolded for all ability levels. Students are often exposed to adversity throughout extended night programs that can challenge themselves or the group dynamics. Through thoughtful debriefs and personal reflection, students are encouraged to recognise their strengths and ability to manage challenging situations, ultimately equipping them for a greater understanding of self at school and beyond.

Year 8 Camp in the Otways and Surfcoast

In year 8, all Christian College students are engaged in a unique peak experience that connects them with the Otways and Surfcoast environments over 4 days. The aim is to provide them with an interdisciplinary approach to understanding landforms and landscapes. They also learn practical skills such as mountain biking, hiking and flat water kayaking. Students learn resilience, responsibility and develop personal skills such as organisation, communication and collaboration.

Year 9 elective

From year 9, Outdoor & Environmental studies is an elective that uses practical experiences to guide each unit of study.  Year 9 students participate in activities that prepare them for a hike through the secluded coves at Wilsons’s Promontory and then reflect and consider how this pristine environment should be managed in the future. Students can also refine their surf skills through goal setting, feedback and personal reflection to build confidence and surf awareness to safely interact with our amazing coastline.

Year 10 students seasonal outdoor activities

Year 10 students at Senior School will further develop their journeying skills by participating in a paddle through the internationally recognised Barmah floodplains (Yorta Yorta country) while listening to and observing the biodiversity nestled between the Red Gums and the Murray. Seasonal change is utilised in the study of risk as students either engage in outdoor climbing at Mount Arapiles (Autumn) or cross-country skiing at Lake Mountain (Winter).

VCE Outdoor & Environmental studies

Students who progress with Outdoor & Environmental studies in VCE will continue to explore and investigate a diverse array of natural and human altered Victorian environments. From Geelong to the Surf Coast, across the volcanic plains to the Gariwerd (Grampians) and onto the Victorian Alps. Students will participate in extended night journeys that provide authentic experiences that assist with the analysis of human impacts on outdoor environments, nature’s impact on humans and nature’s own intrinsic value.


Quality equipment is key to helping us feel safe and comfortable in the outdoors. Over the years the Outdoor Education faculty has tried, tested and updated a variety of equipment that helps keep us safe, comfortable and allows us to truly appreciate the beauty of the places we visit. Our equipment is constantly being assessed and updated and we are proud to be able to offer this to ensure students are able maximise their experience.