Learning to change the world

The world around us

Humanities is about the world around us. Whether studying commerce, the environment, worldviews or historical events, Christian College’s wide range of Humanities subjects aims to make our students critically aware of current local and global issues.
Even from the early middle years, students have the chance to examine and evaluate life experiences from various angles and explore ways they can proactively make change.
From Years 5 to 7, students are able to explore the Humanities using a holistic approach. This enables each student to understand civics & citizenship, economics, history and geography in a realistic context.
In Year 7 students have the opportunity to look at laws and governments in ancient worlds and then again in the modern world giving them a broader picture of the impact of the past on contemporary times.

Important skills to lead us forward

By being exposed to a variety of different aspects of the Humanities curriculum in the middle years of their education, we support our students as they discover where their passion lies and awareness of the issues facing the world today. Students are taught to critique what has happened in the past, what is happening now and what needs to happen in the future.

Year 7 Barwon Water excursion

Year 7 Sustainability

Year 6 Zero Hunger

Year 8 Sustainability at the Bellarine Campus