Japan – Naga Senior High School, Iwade

Sisters for 30 years

Christian College’s language program offers Japanese from kindergarten to year 12. Language specialists and native speakers are a feature of the program.

We view learning a language as opportunity to create meaningful connections with different cultures. Our 30 year relationship with sister school, Naga High in Iwade, Japan, is evidence of this approach and distinguishes us as a leader in language.

We offer short and long-term exchanges to Japan. Reciprocal visits are made by students from our sister school. In each case, students stay with local families and live their daily routines.
These connections are made more meaningful by putting on performances, preparing and cooking traditional food and playing games together.

Language exchanges

Graduates of both Naga High School and Christian College are also offered language exchanges. Past students of each school travel to the sister school, live with a local family and assist teachers in classrooms, with students of English at Naga High and Japanese at Christian College.