Indonesia – SMA Negeri 2 in Mataram, Lombok

Learning from our sister

Christian College’s language program offers Indonesian from year 5 to 12. Language specialists and native speakers are a feature of the program. Our 25 year relationship with sister school, SMA Negeri 2 in Mataram, Lombok, is evidence of this approach and distinguishes us as a leader in language.

Language exchanges

We offer short and long-term exchanges to Indonesia. Reciprocal visits are made by students from our sister school. In each case, students stay with local families and live their daily routines.

These connections are made more meaningful by carefully pairing students, for several months, prior to any exchange. The students have frequent contact with each other through email, text and social media. They learn about family life, their hobbies and life in their respective countries. Friendships develop and confidence speaking Indonesian and English broadens, along with an understanding of each other’s culture.

Languages are windows into cultures, opportunities to forge life-long friendships and encourages global citizenship within the College’s community.