Enrichment & Enhancement

For students with an exceptional appetite for learning, the College’s Enrichment & Enhancement Program presents multiple opportunities to accelerate their learning.

High potential and talent development

Gifted and talented students have unique learning needs. These are addressed through our differentiated curriculum at all year levels.

Advancement Opportunities:



Opportunities for exploration and expression are offered, such as Tournament of Minds, Da Vinci Decathlon, World Scholars Cup, G.A.T.E.W.A.Y.S programs.



We bring entrepreneurial skills into the classroom through the Upstart Challenge and The $20 Boss Program.



National Science Week, Maths Talent Quest, Maths Olympiad, Language competitions, the Australian History Competition, Debating, Writing competitions, Scratch Coding and Commerce days, Coding Robotics and the Internet of Things.



Putting our Christian ethos into action, students engage in the Vinnies Winter Sleepout, The Hague International Model UN, Model UN – Youth and Victoria, Philosothon.

More about the Q’ed Program

Q’ed provides identified students with a Q’ed learner identity and flexible learning plan whilst still allowing them full access to the learning that matters. 

The Q’ed opportunities encourage students to explore, understand and extend themselves as learners. It enables and empowers Q’ed students to travel to the parameters of the unknown and beyond for the enrichment and extension of self and the greater good of all. 

In modeling 21st century learning, it is a process involving and empowering not just the gifted and talented individual but the Christian College Community as a whole.