Developing coding skills

One of the popular experiences for Years 7 to 9 Systems and Engineering students from Bellarine Campus during 2021 was the opportunity to attend Geelong Tech School for a full day of coding. The focus of the program is to learn about microprocessors, build circuits, and write code to perform different functions. The Code Breaker Series (Code A) develops students understanding of microprocessors and their everyday use.

Program Outline

  • Introduction to Arduinos
  • Introduction to Arduino IDE and text-based programming
  • Introduction to electronic components

The Outcomes

Code Breaker A

Students were able to:

  • Set up an Arduino to communicate with a computer
  • Code an Arduino to have LEDs Flash
  • Create a morse code signal using simple functions
  • Use Fritzing to program multiple LED flash sequences.

Using Arduino’s and other electrical components, our students built a series of circuits and wrote code to perform different functions. They took full advantage of the opportunity, and it was really pleasing to see their engagement throughout the day.