Christian Education and Community Service

Christian Education seeks to help students forge an understanding of the Christian Faith and give them an insight into what a life in fellowship with God and each other looks like.

Students enter a learning journey that helps them experience the following ideals found in the school philosophy:

• A grounding in the Christian faith as expressed in the Biblical truths of the Scriptures.
• An appreciation that every student reflects the goodness of God’s creation and has intrinsic worth, irrespective of class, colour or creed.
• An encouragement to adopt for themselves a personal faith in Jesus Christ, and to apply His teaching of love, justice and compassion in their relations with others.
• A recognition of those aspects of faith that Christians hold in common; and an ability to respect the differences in the expression of that common faith.
• An understanding that they belong to a world society, and an acknowledgement of their responsibility to positively contribute to the relief of the less privileged in this global community.

God’s great love for each individual and the world we live in is foundational to all learning that happens in Christian Education. Whether it be through play-based learning at the lower levels of Junior School or engaging research at Senior School, the message of love and reconciliation is central to all we do.

A comment recently by a Middle School student summarises our aim in the Christian Education program succinctly: “Christian Ed. is nothing like I thought it would be”. When questioned further, the student explained that they thought the program would be an indoctrination but rather had found it was a program of discovery and acceptance.

Many celebrations within our society come from the Christian Worldview. Holidays such as Easter and Christmas are examples of such celebrations. Age appropriate activities at each level offer the opportunity for students to gain greater understanding of the meaning behind these celebrations.

Students study Christian Education from Kindergarten to Year 9 as a part of their core studies, and upon reaching Year 10 at Senior School, they have a broad range of subject opportunities found in a Christian Worldview block. These range from artistic pursuits to local and Central Australian outreach work and also deeper philosophical questioning and research.

Community Service is central to all we do but is also available as an elective unit at Year 8 level. Students are always encouraged to consider what they can do to help those in need (as noted in the Bible at the end of James Chapter 1 as defining true religion). Care for the elderly, the homeless and the disadvantaged in our society is an important part of exemplifying God’s love that we learn about in Christian Education.

Students who have a passion in this area have gone on to use their studies to become Social Workers, Chaplains, Pastors, Teachers and many other careers that are focused on people and their wellbeing.