Celebrating the end of the School Journey

A chapter closes…

The realisation that 13 years of schooling had reached a climax hit our Year 12 students on Wednesday October 19, with the traditional House breakfast, Thanksgiving Service and exit parade. Whilst the Monday and Tuesday of that week saw the respective Houses of Burrows, Flynn, Penman and Taylor climb the Middle School clocktower, a significant rite of passage itself, it was Wednesday that brought true closure: farewells to teachers, hugs with friends, waves goodbye from Year 10 and 11 students and teary parents waiting at the College gates. 

The House breakfasts which kicked off the day were a chance to spend one last time in these very special communities that are such an integral part of the Senior School experience. Then, during the Thanksgiving Service, Year 12 students Ellie Peace and Ben Breguet shared beautifully – and at times humorously – of their personal Christian College journeys, paying tribute to the teachers who guided them as well as reflecting on the experiences had, the friendships formed, the mistakes made and the lessons learned (not all of them in class). There were so many nostalgic moments in the service: the item performed by Kristen, Cara, Ravi, Alice, Adela and Patrick; the singing of the College Hymn; and the ringing of the final bell by Vice-Principal Mr Elliss which brought a rousing cheer rarely heard among a bunch of teenagers in a school setting. 

The final act for our Year 12s was, of course, the slow walk down Marcus Road behind the iconic sound of bagpipes and under what seemed to be the bluest sky so far this spring. It was a wonderful sight on a magical day and must have been an incredible experience for the Year 12s, to have the Year 10s and 11s, as well as teachers and families lining the side of the road, hundreds and hundreds of people, cheering them on as they made their way out the gate. 

As I shared in my message to the students during the service, Wednesday was not quite the end, of course. For most, there were still VCE exams to contend and, for all, the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony on Sunday, November 20. But it was clear that, for the vast majority of students, Celebration Day could not have been scripted any better. It was moving, it was meaningful and it was, hopefully, everything that students would have expected from a school that cares deeply about them and their future.

Mr Rick Geall – Head of Senior Campus