Active and Healthy Bodies and Minds

Health and Physical Education (HPE) is embedded throughout the educational journey of every student at Christian College.

The HPE program provides opportunities for students from Prep to Year 12 to explore the dynamic nature of a healthy and active life while providing them with the essential skills to entrench physical participation, health literacy and positive decision-making in their lives.

Prep to Year 4 Program

Our Prep to Year 4 program immerses students in practical experiences that focus on  developing the fundamental movement skills and strategies to confidently participate in a range of physical activities. It also addresses the body, nutrition, safety and relationships.

Middle School years (Year 5 to Year 9) Program

In the Middle School years (Year 5 to Year 9), students consolidate their fundamental movement skills through structured game experiences in sports such as AFL, Netball, Cricket, Badminton and Swimming. The program also promotes an appreciation of personal, social and community health by exploring personal identity, safety, sexual health, nutrition and positive decision-making. As our students journey through the HPE program there are a number of opportunities to further immerse themselves in electives such as Principles of Training. This elective investigates the components of training programs and techniques to improve sporting performance.

Senior School (Year 10 to Year 12) Program

At Senior School in Year 10, students can branch out and specialise their learning by selecting one of four semester electives. All electives have elements of the VCE Health and Physical Education study designs and provide students an introduction to VCE content. These electives include Health Issues in Australia, Sport and Exercise Performance, Coaching and Officiating and Sport and Recreation. Our holistic educational approach in the Year 10 electives encourages students to develop the skills to become lifelong learners, including collaboration, resilience, confidence and team work.

Our Year 10 electives, combined with HPE journey in earlier years, ensure students are well placed to successfully participate in our Year 11 and 12 VCE courses, which include Units 1 – 4 in Health and Human Development and Physical Education. Along with structured classroom experiences, our HPE program provides a number of learning experiences outside the classroom ranging from visiting sport science testing labs and local community health promotions, to participating in Jump Rope for Heart and National HPE day.

Enriching our students’ learning

Strong relationships with health services, parents and the wider community – along with our dynamic and supportive school environment – enrich our students’ learning as they acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills delivered in the Health and Physical Education curriculum.